Authenticity & style

Tapatia is a handcrafted footwear and accessories brand.

The concept of the brand is to combine Mexican crafstmanship

with French fashion.

Tapatia refers to an inhabitant of the city of Gualadajara in Mexico.

Basically, Tapatia comes from the word "tlapatiotl" in Nahuatl, the Aztec language.

The "Tlapatiotl" corresponded to a barter system from the 17th century that focused on a fair trade and a fair deal system.

Over time this term was used by foreigners to refer to the people of Guadalajara.

The name Tapatia matches the values ​​of fairness and integrity

that we wish to convey.

Ethical manufacturing

Tapatia’s articles are designed in Paris and entirely hancrafted in Mexico.
We work with family-run workshops where the experience and knowledge passed down with passion from one generation to the next.


In these workshops, the traditional technique of leather braiding has been improved to ensure a high quality of confection and an optimal comfort.


Our goal is to promote these ancestral know-how and techniques.




Eco friendly
We use 100% cowhide from local tanneries.

For our Spring-Summer collection, we use vegetable-tanned leather with natural tannins extracted from tree bark.

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 Paris - Mexico